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We are a Hungarian demoscene group, originally formed by 4 friends around 2001 during high school years at Táncsics Mihály Gimnázium in Kaposvár. We were fascinated by the demoscene as a whole and wanted to be part of it. Our initial goal was to create a diskmag, though it only remained an idea, and these years passed by without making demoscene related stuff.

After a really long time, in 2009 Blueghost decided that it's time to dip a toe into demomaking thus the first TBS demo was released. Since then time-to-time, though not regularly we try to bring our artistic ideas into digital form in some sense. We love using linux on a daily basis, so linux demos are the main focus, but we also like to experiment with alternative platforms, Antiemes is an expert in that regard. Size-restricted productions are also on the table right now.